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  • Xcode Life Sciences

    Founded in 2010, by Saleem Mohammed, Abdur Rub, Naru Narayanan, Xcode Life is a personal genomics company. This startup is exceptionally outstanding in personal genomics, and specializing in preventative healthcare. This startup aims to empower physicians, wellness professionals and individuals with the most authenticated and trustable actionable genomic information to improve the quality of life and impact it positively. Using advances in genomics, informatics, computing, and domain-specific knowledge, Xcode is working towards making personalised experiences for clients across clinical and non-clinical segments.

  • OncoStem Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

    Founded in 2011 by Manjiri Bakre, this Bangalore based biotechnology startup OncoStem works to develop innovative tests to personalize treatment for cancer patients. Their understanding of tumour biology helps physicians in optimizing therapy for cancer patients. Their highly innovative multi-marker test identifies patterns of recurrence amongst cancer patients. An understanding of these patterns ensures that patients receive personalized therapies and treatments that are best suited to their condition. This startup aims to develop the latest technology to facilitate personalized cancer treatment, thus improving the quality of life for cancer patients.

  • Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Founded in 2011 by academic entrepreneurs Tuhin Bhowmick, and Arun Chandru, Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore based biotechnology startup that works on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. With its distinct team, working in the field of life science, engineering and clinical competencies, the startup designs and manufactures 3-D functional human tissues; meant for medical research and therapeutics. Pandorum Technologies is backed by esteemed investors like the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of Biotechnology, GoI. Pandorum’s labs, National Centre for Biological Sciences campus, Bengaluru, and in the Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre, Biotech Park, Electronics City Phase 1, Bengaluru. This biotech startup develops and disseminates high-end innovations addressing the most important challenges in healthcare.

  • MedGenomes

    In 2013, MedGenomes was founded by Sam Santosh. It provides personalised genetic tests and medicines for several ailments like cancer, diabetes and neurological illness. The Company has headquarters in the U.S.A. and India. For molecular genetic diagnostic tests, MedGenomes uses Sanger sequencing and next-generation sequencing technologies for treatment. The company has various tests done through exome, whole genome, and mitochondrial genome sequencing.

  • MapMyGenome

    Founded by Anuradha Acharya in 2012, MapMyGenome is a molecular diagnostics startup that aims to make people proactive about their health. This Hyderabad based startup offers personalized health solutions based on genetic tests that help their customers to know about themselves. By integrating genetic health profiles and health histories with genetic counselling, Mapmygenome gives actionable steps for patients and their physicians on a journey of healthy living. Mapmygenome provides preventive health care through healthy habits. Personal Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics, DNA Forensics and Brain Wellness are their key products and services.

  • Sea6 Energy

    The company was founded in 2010 by IIT Madras students namely Sailaja Nori, Nelson Vadasseri, Sayash Kumar, Sowmya Balendiran and their professor Shrikumar Suryanarayan. Sea6 has managed to harness seaweed grown in Oceans so that the company utilises it in creating a wide range of bioproducts to enhance plant and animal immunity to boost agriculture and provide an alternate source of energy. It has raised about a total funding amount of ₹8.9 million. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

  • Zumutor Biologics

    Zumutor Biologics, founded in 2013 by Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues, is a leading startup in immune-oncology in NK Cell therapeutics. It helps treat cancer by targeting the body’s immune system. It is headquartered in CIC Cambridge Campus, MA and R&D is carried out at an ISO certified lab in Bangalore, India. It has raised more than ₹41.6 million in total funding.