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  • CRON systems

    • CRON Systems is a deep-tech startup that delivers innovative situational awareness sensing solutions. • CRON Systems was founded in 2015 to cater to the complex security problems at the Indian borders. • Besides ground intrusion, CRON systems also builds solutions to detect drones, and is working on automated patrol vehicles. • CRON Systems is a defense technology startup which builds multi-sensor enabled intrusion detection systems • Their effort to provide intelligent sensing that integrates multiple sensors, was weather and terrain agnostic, we developed CRON’s very own Smart Sensor Fusion platform. This platform is designed to flawlessly fuse data from different types of sensors.

    011 6505 65

  • Altizon Systems

    • Altizon, a global industrial IoT company, powers digital revolutions by helping enterprises leverage machine data to drive business decisions. • Altizon’s Datonis Digital Factory provides a suite of readymade applications that digitize critical aspects of your manufacturing operations. • It helps you quickly modernize connected factory operations, asset performance and launch new offerings: all from a single platform. • Altizon has been spearheading Digital Factory across a range of industry verticals including; Automotive, F&B, CPG, Industrials and Remote Assets. • Altizon empowers Industrial Digital Revolutions globally by helping enterprises use machine data to drive business decisions.

    +91 8929959

  • Tikona Infinet Limited

    • Tikona Infinet Private Limited engaged in building the next generation wireless broadband services for home and enterprise customers in India. • 'Tikona Infinet Private Limited (TIPL), an all-India Unified License (ISP, Category-A) holder, granted by the Dept. of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India, offers secured wireless broadband services to home and enterprise customers in India’s top 25 cities. • The company envisions a powerful Broadband-enabled India and strive to make all possible contribution to make this happen. • Innovation is Tikona’s driving force and that’s why the company aims to create an environment for the young talent to conceive and incubate fresh ideas to develop and deliver useful services & solutions • Tikona mission is to raise the benchmarks of customer experience in the country for all times to come.

    1860 3000 3

  • Nimble wireless

    • Nimble is a pioneer and leader in innovative IoT solutions to make the world a better place- every day. • They are continually innovating to create revolutionary solutions to help industries unlock efficiency and productivity. • Nimble helps customers wirelessly connect, control, and manage their remote assets. • Nimble does this by providing state of the art IoT solutions to consumers and businesses to help keep pets and food safe. • Nimble’s IoT solutions find applications in multiple verticals such as Consumer pet safety, Cold Chain Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Green Energy, and Healthcare industries.

    +1 855-983-

  • Indus Towers

    • Indus Towers Limited is formed by the merger of Bharti Infratel Limited and Indus Towers. This combined strength makes Indus one of the largest telecom tower companies in the world. • Enabling communication for millions of people daily, Indus will continue to provide affordable, high-quality and reliable services for the growing network connectivity needs of India. • Indus Towers Limited has over 185,447 towers and 335,791 co-locations (as on 31st March 2022) and a nationwide presence covering all 22 telecom circles. • Indus’ leading customers are Bharti Airtel (together with Bharti Hexacom), Vodafone Idea Limited and Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, which are the leading wireless telecommunications service providers in India by revenue. • The Company is committed to truly living its credo of Putting India First and Connecting Lives Across the Nation.

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  • BigCat Wireless

    • BigCat Wireless focuses on developing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. • These innovative solutions are a result of the deep Research focus on advanced Wireless Technologies and pioneering in translating these innovations to solutions using well defined and predictable engineering methods. • BigCat provides Reliable Engineering solutions for Wireless Infrastructure. • The solutions encompass Base Band modems, Radio Heads, CRAN, Femto and Pico Cell solutions. • On Virtualization Techniques and Network Function Virtualization on Standard Server and Heterogeneous architectures for LTE . • BigCat is pioneering technologies that will enable 5th Generation Wireless Networks.

  • Hetrogenous

    • Hetrogenous Communications Technologies started out as Chennai-based company that offers M2M products and solutions for the Indian market. • Hetrogenous STAYTM platform enables secured connectivity and control of real & virtual systems through the Internet over any hardware, device and network interface, enabling enterprises to capture critical performance data across key assets and infrastructure, extract and visualize actionable insights with intelligent analytics, and provide access via APIs and industry standard protocols. • Their proprietary solution scales wireless sensor-chipset solutions, provides a uniform standardized API for cross-embedded devices enabling easy integration to verticals, and guarantees interoperability with existing deployments and technologies. • Hetrogenous Hardware can aggregate sensor data from any source, and over any channel. • Hetrogenous Application can accelerate enterprise needs: intelligence, insights, mediation, analytics, and predictability • The Hetrogenous STAYTM Framework and APIs enable the connected cloud software to adapt to the transformed hardware of any industry and create new and powerful Locate-Sense-Interact-Control applications that can be mapped to the specific needs of all industries.