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  • IOTomation

    IOTomation offers Building IoT platform, which improves energy efficiency through automation of buildings. Offering a Pay-as-You-use subscription model reduces customer risk while providing higher degrees of flexibility. Their vendor-agnostic full-stack SAAS building management system provides vendor implication by allowing for fire, safety, heating, cooling, electrical modules to be managed through one solution leading to increased operational efficiency.

  • LogicLadder

    LogicLadder offers sustainability management and pollution monitoring solutions approved by the Government of India. The solutions enable customers to acquire real-time enterprise-wide energy and environment data to assess their environmental risks, predict anomalies, detect non-compliance and leverage machine learning for actionable insights. Leading companies, smart cities, and governments use their cloud platform to monitor, coordinate and achieve their sustainability goals and meet environmental compliance standards.

  • Jal Technologies

    Jal Technologies offers indoor and outdoor solutions to measure and monitor air pollution in smart cities and industries. They help the government, policymakers and citizens to take concrete action by providing an open-source platform that analyzes the collected data providing actionable insights.

  • eee-Taxi

    eee-Taxi provides a fleet of electric vehicles for corporate-employee transportation. This includes route optimization services which minimize travel time by combining telematics, technology and the EV ecosystem leading to higher productivity and revenue. Additionally, eee- Taxi provides charge point management system for other EV users to plug in their vehicles enabling a charging marketplace.

  • Commutec

    Commutec is transforming the employee transportation business into a mobility service by digitizing fleet operators and providing protocol-driven, technology-enabled fleet for corporate employee transportation. Their end to end SAAS ERP automation solution allows users to improve fleet utilization, enhance safety and reduce operational costs through technology and analytics, helping fleet operators increase profit margins.