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  • Infinite Uptime

    Infinite Uptime is a provider of a vibration monitoring solution for the manufacturing industry. The solution comprises of Industrial Data Enabler (IDE) and Industrial Data Analytics Platform. Industrial Data Enabler is a plug-and-play sensor that fits on any machine through a magnetic connection and is capable of measuring tri-axial high-frequency mechanical vibrations, temperature, and acoustics. It uses edge computing, time series pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence to monitor machines thereby preventing unplanned downtime, increasing productivity, and minimizing breakdown maintenance costs. Industrial Data Analytics Platform is an analytics platform that processes the data captured by the sensor and uses pattern recognition technology for annotating data for downtime characterization, equipment loading condition detection, detecting anomalies and ensuring asset reliability, and more.

  • Aeron Systems

    Aeron Systems focuses on the development of technology applying its expertise in embedded electronics to domains encompassing aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and agriculture. The company is offering products in two technology segments, Inertial Sensors, and M2M devices. The IoT solutions include wireless data loggers, wireless data gateway, vehicle health monitoring systems, and a wireless weather monitoring system. Other products include inertial navigation systems, digital magnetic compass, and digital tilt sensors and switches. Investee of Growthspark Consultants LLP.

  • Aivara

    Offering AI-based solutions for water quality monitoring. It provides AI-based solutions integrated with devices to provide accurate water quality measures. Its platform helps to determine all the physical, chemical and biological parameters of water quality.

  • Sunsui Process System

    sunsuiprocess is a company providing manufacturing, sales, and service of process control instruments. The product portfolio of the company includes data loggers, chart recorders, weather stations, universal calibrators, sensors & transmitters, and signal isolator, convertor, transmitter & transducers.

  • Aaria Farm

    Aaria provides precision agriculture solutions. It provides a suite of on-farm sensors to collect data on farm temperature, soil parameters, and farm microclimate conditions. The data collected by sensors can be accessed by users in real-time to plan and schedule farm operations.

  • Mechanica Systems

    Mechanica Systems develops mechanical testing sensors for automotive sector. Some product offerings are weighing pads, automotive force & torque sensors, reaction torque sensors, shear pin load sensor, steering torque sensors and test benches. Most of their sensors are developed using strain gauge elements and encoders. The company is also active in developing custom load sensing applications for customers.

  • Gaxce Sensors

    Gaxce Sensors (OPC) is a sensor technology company that offers dust and particle monitoring equipment which is capable of measuring TSP, PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 sized particles in real-time in automotive, environment, and pharmaceutical industries. It also monitors pollutant gases such as oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, it offers equipment for automotive & transportation testing, sound, noise, and vibration testing instruments, & data management software.

  • Konceptogenagro

    Manufacturer of soil moisture management device based on diffuse reflectance spectrophotometry principle. It offers geoBHUMI, a solar-powered device to obtain real-time field data irrespective of location and time. Its features include data analysis screens for soil moisture condition analysis of crop cycles. It offers geo-position of devices that constantly displays the installation, location of devices in the field on-screen image. It also offers advisory services by agro-experts.