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  • JetSynthesys

    Provider of AR-based entertainment and gaming solutions. It operates through multiple business verticals including gaming, entertainment, digital media, and social platform. It offers a video blogging platform featuring celeb's interviews. It also offers an audio and video streaming platform. Furthermore, it provides a gaming venture for hosting and managing events for e-sports.


    Avataar provides a 3D-based AR/VR platform for personalized product visualization. The AI platform enables scalable product discovery and giving brands & stores the opportunity to change the way consumers discover and engage with their products online. Has use cases for e-commerce, consumer electronics, auto OEMs, and FMCG applications.

  • Playshifu

    Shifu provides augmented reality-based STEM educational games. It offers various games which include 'Shifu Orboot' - which is an AR-based globe; 'Shifu Plugo' - which is an AR-based gaming system; and 'Shifu Tacto' - which is a multiplayer gaming system. Its products can be integrated with the classroom learning experience.

  • Practically

    Provider of an AR-based STEM learning app for students. The platform offers an app that utilizes AR, simulations, and 3D videos to enable practical and experiential STEM learning for students. It facilitates conceptual understanding and retention, with features like realistic video content, experiential learning, live classes, and an AI assistant. The platform includes help features for doubt resolution and allows students to reach out to subject experts on the platform. Its B2B2C platform also provides schools and teachers with access to a teacher app. The teacher app has access to videos, simulations, AR, reports, test-preps, polls, analytics, and assignments. The mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices.

  • Pupilmesh

    Description: Developer of augmented reality helmets. Products include an AR helmet providing navigational cues with LED patterns without obstructing users' field of view and a second helmet which is a bikers' helmet providing enhanced control & awareness on the road with features like voice commands to interact with calls, inter helmet communication, rearview, navigation and more.

  • Ajnalens

    Provider of AI-powered mixed reality glasses. It provides visualization, immersive learning, teaching experiences, and other solutions. It caters to defense, education, and enterprise applications. It also provides 3D holographic product visualization products and services.

  • Smartivity

    Provider of AR-based educational toys and kits. It offers toys based on blended learning and augmented reality provides learning activity boxes and augmented reality enabled 3D coloring sheets. It provides toys on a subscription basis. Its app is available for Android devices.