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  • Systemantics

    High innovation designing research and robotics development for industrial automation. One of the best industrial robotics startups that provide turnkey solutions in the robotics and industrial automation space for clients in the private, public, and government sectors. Systemantics is involved in the development of the core technologies of robotic arms. Sara, a walking machine, underwater robotic arms, an animatronic doll, and a motion controller are a couple of the products created by the organization.

  • Ati Motors

    Ati Motors is one of the most unique industrial robotics startups in India right now. The firm has assembled an interdisciplinary team of around 30 engineers across Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software, and electronic hardware. With an applied research focus, it is high on both academic rigor and implementation expertise. Apart from the in-house team, Ati Motors leverages the excellent vendor ecosystem in Bangalore that already caters to sophisticated aerospace, automotive, and electronics verticals.

  • Accio Robotics

    Accio Robotics is a robotics automation company focused on manufacturing state-of-the-art hardware and software automation solutions. The company aims to simplify the robotics market for businesses. The reason for the push of robotics and automation in various industries is simple. It helps in cutting the lead times of product development when deployed for value-added tasks, and it helps in aiding humans as well as at the same time reducing human error when deployed in incidental tasks.

  • Asimov Robotics

    Asimov Robotics is a robotics innovation organization that plans, makes, and embraces contract ventures to apply advanced mechanics and machine vision across a wide scope of innovation market areas like manufacturing, medicine, agriculture, defense and space, security, and entertainment, etc. Some of their products are a robot arm (CooL), an automated vehicle named X-Terrabot, Lamarck humanoid, and a VR chair. The organization likewise fills in as a wholesaler for Robotis Dynamixel servos and Dexter robotic gripper.

  • Robro Systems

    AI-based visual examination and creation checking answers for the packing business. The product contributions incorporate a cap checker, a robotized and AI-based visual examination arrangement; Kiara, an AI-based PC vision and picture handling answer for observing the creation cycle; print inspection, a machine vision-based name printing checking and quality administration arrangement. The product is used in industries such as printing and packaging, food and beverages, and automotive.

  • Gridbots

    Gridbots is a manufacturer of robotic technologies for application in industries such as industrial operations, consumer robotics, defense and homeland, space robotics, and nuclear robotics. Activities such as armed force tank cleaning, machines for bomb removal action, and atomic office regions which imply lethal threats to people are taken upon by the robots made by the organization. Their items likewise incorporate robots for the home, social orders and private condos, research associations, and originators.