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  • Log9materials

    Manufacturer of nanotech-based batteries for e-vehicles. It has developed graphene derivatives to enable advanced energy storage technologies from electrode materials. It also offers graphene quantum dot-based LEDs and foldable displays and water purification systems. in addition, it has developed a graphene-based cigarette filter that reduces the risk of getting cancer.

  • GegaDyne

    Gegadyne is a developer of high capacity graphene and super capacitor-based batteries for electric vehicles. Claims that it is developing high energy density that will have significantly lower charging time. Raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Mumbai Angels Network in Feb'18. Yet to launch its product, as of Feb'18.

  • Module Innovations

    Module Innovation is developing a strip for point of care bacterial detection without instrumentation and skilled manpower. The strip coming in contact with bacterial contamination turns red from blue indicating the presence. It also provides color-changing one-time and reusable nanofiber strips which are used for selective detection of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli.

  • NasoFilters

    Developer of nanotechnology-based nasal filters. Its product can filter out particulate matter and other contaminants in the air. Target customers are bike riders, respiratory disease patients, chemical industry workers, construction & sanitation workers, and school-going kids. It is also claimed to be beneficial in treating sleep apnea.

  • NoPo Nanotechnologies

    NoPo Nanotechnologies is a manufacturer of advanced material. It makes single-walled carbon nanotubes. It uses a modified HiPCO process. The company claims single-walled carbon nanotubes are 100x stronger than steel and 1000x more conductive than copper and can be used as solar cell material and thermal conductor. It products include Nopo SWCNT flower, which is compressed fibrous material; HiPCO SWCNT, which is produced using HiPCO reactor; SWCNT snake, which is a strong high purity buckypaper like material; compact heater controller; and metal carbon detector.

  • Kanopy Techno Solutions

    Kanopy Techno Solutions provide Electrochemistry solutions like electrochemical instrumentation, multiscale simulation, and electrochemical reaction engineering. In nanotechnology, it provides solutions like nanofluidics and nanofabrication technologies including click-chemistry, and nanolithography. Some of its products include electrochemical accessories and Potentiostat with applications in Chronoamperometry analysis, Cyclic Voltammetry analysis, Electrode design, and testing, Corrosion monitoring, etc.

  • Aten Porus Lifesciences

    Aten Porus Lifesciences (APL) is focussed on developing therapies for rare diseases. Using its proprietary bionanotechnology and drug delivery technology platform, it has developed an active therapeutic pipeline. Its subunit Oraxion is focussed on developing therapies for rare diseases such as Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) disorder, Pompe's disease. Its Straxyn unit is developing smart polymer based artificial viruses that can deliver a variety of therapeutic genes such as pDNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, and antisense oligos to the disease targets. It has received BIG BIRAC grant from DB India for developing therapies for NPC.

  • Nanosentrix

    Nanosentrix is a manufacturer of conductive inks for printed electronic devices. The offering of the company includes screen printables inks like conductive carbon ink, graphene, carbon nano, graphite, and customized nano ink. The conductive ink has applications in multiple sectors including flexible and printable electronics, printable sensors, RF ID printing and many more.