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  • Nanosentrix

    Nanosentrix is a manufacturer of conductive inks for printed electronic devices. The offering of the company includes screen printables inks like conductive carbon ink, graphene, carbon nano, graphite, and customized nano ink. The conductive ink has applications in multiple sectors including flexible and printable electronics, printable sensors, RF ID printing and many more.

  • Carbon continnum

    Carbon Continuum developed a technology to transform carbon emissions from Industrial exhaust into Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) which are similar to carbon microfiber but stronger and more light-weight than aluminum. It designed a reactor which can be fixed to the waste gas outlets of a manufacturing facility and then converted into CNTs bringing a clean and carbon negative technology. CNTs thus produced from the process can be used as ingredients to produce high strength, more durable and lighter materials.

  • Grey matter research Foundation

    Provider of carbon nanotubes for organic and peptide synthesis. The company offers peptide technologies like LPPS and SPPS, intermolecular disulfide bridges, protected amino acids and derivatives, and generic peptides.


    Developer of fibre-reinforced plastic polymers. Its fabric includes features like morphability, adherence of fibre and polymer layers, biodegradability, long lifespan, and development using weave technology. It also provides corrugated boxes and carry bags using the same material.

  • Altmat

    AltMat is a firm focused on converting agricultural waste into textile products. The company uses agro-waste from plants like hemp, banana, nettle to textile materials. The company offers products such as hemp textile fibres, hemp yarns, and fibres for papers, insulation and non-wovens.

  • Lucro

    Provider of plastic recycling services. It offers technology solutions for converting plastic into biodegradable compost using bacteria. It provides a bacterial cocktail that together consumes plastic packaging waste.

  • Canvaloop

    Canvaloop is a Manufacturer of sustainable fibers and jeans. They are made from agricultural waste