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  • Lechal

    Lechal, a product of Ducere Technologies, is haptic-based footwear which connects to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. The feature includes a navigation system, where the user can set the destination on the mobile app, and the phone's GPS is used to calculate location data and the directions are conveyed to the user via haptics (simple vibrations) in the footwear. It has fitness application, where the interaction between the phone app and the footwear counts user's steps and tracks calories burned displayed on the app. Users can set fitness goals and create custom workout sessions on the app. The footwear itself offers interactive features such as tagging locations, setting destinations, controlling navigation by executing foot gestures. It offers two products: an insole which can be fit into any shoe and a complete shoe product with the same technology. The company graduated from The Target Accelerator Program in September 2016.

  • Slang Labs

    Slang Labs offers a voice to action mobile SDK for application developers to add a voice interface for controlling their applications. It features multi-lingual support and allows the developer to configure custom intents & entities with context. The company claims that the solution can infer specific actions from conversational sentences with minimal training. The target market includes news & media, travel & ticketing, online delivery, logistics, and fin-tech. The founder previously co-founded Little Eye Labs, a performance analysis tool for developers, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

  • Cardiac Design Labs

    Cardiac Design Labs has designed a non-invasive wearable medical device, labeled MIRCaM, which allows cardiologists to remotely interact and diagnose a cardiac patient from their cell phones. The device beams live electrocardiogram data and are expected to be priced below INR 100K or roughly a quarter of that of competing products. Targeted at patients in sub-urban and rural India. Founder claims to be in talks with a foreign investor according to ET report.

  • Merkelhaptics

    Merkel Haptic Systems a spin-off company from IIT Madras Touchlab, provides haptic enabled VR enabled technology for medical simulations. The company provides software and hardware to medical institutes for training of clinical skills in a digital environment. The simulators include epidural injection, laparoscopy, cardiac, and sonography. As of April 2019, the company is also in the development phase of a haptic glove.

  • Cardiotrack

    Cardiotrack is a healthcare startup building POC solutions for cardiac care using AI and IoT approaches. The company's m-Health Platform allows primary care physicians to view ECG data captured by IoT sensors, and use their AI-based cloud solution to analyze the ECG data with a high degree of accuracy to diagnose specific heart conditions. The company has deployed its platform in organizations such as Gramin Healthcare, Healthcare at Home, Medi360, Promedic, etc.

  • FoGR

    FoGR Tech develops a gesture recognition solution for UAVs. The AI-powered algorithm which can be integrated into drones for gesture control. It can also be integrated into smart home applications using their SDKs and IoT platform.