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  • Asimovrobotics

    Stepping out of factories robots are all set to be a part of our day today activities so that human beings can switch from mundane tasks to intelligent jobs. We’re building world-class solutions to problems which humans face on a day to day basis in hazardous, unsafe, inefficient, repetitive scenarios. Hence we’re helping humans to stay safe; comfortable & save time to be more creative.

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  • Grey Orange

    At GreyOrange, our approach is applied innovation that delivers measurable results for value and advantage. Our scientists, designers and engineers never stop solving in the dynamic quest for continuously higher performance, greater efficiencies and more satisfied customers for your business. But our solutions do more than automate fulfillment operations. We fundamentally transform supply chains to enable more flexibility, scalability and efficiency. In turn, our customers find they can offer new propositions and fuel growth, turning the supply chain from an operating cost center to a revenue driver and strategic differentiator.

  • Gridbots

    Gridbots is a young technology and Innovation – Robotics company from India and work in the field of Robotics – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision. Founded in August 2007 by young and passionate innovator Mr. Pulkit Gaur [TED Fellow and MIT Young Innovator of the year]. Gridbots today are a team of more than 30 people – Head quartered in Ahmedabad. Gridbots have sales and support offices in Jaipur – Meerut and Faridabad – India. Since inception the company has been growing exponentially both in terms of market share and technological capabilities day by day.

  • Mukunta Foods

    Mukunda Foods is and IAN-Investee company that designs and develops products that can make Indian Foods automatically. DosaMatic is one such product from Mukunda Foods that can make multiple types of dosas automatically. DosaMatic can make multiple types of dosas at the touch of a button.

  • Systemantics

    Systemantics is an Industrial Robotics company headquartered out of Bangalore, India. The company is on a mission to enable widespread adoption of flexible automation in industry. With the experience of having implemented custom turnkey solutions for several clients, the company has accomplished several innovations in robotics and industrial automation such as under water robots and walking machines. Systemantics is focused exclusively on manufacture of high-quality industrial robots with design innovations that facilitate affordable solutions and a faster ROI.

  • Sastra Robotics

    Sastra Robotics India Pvt Ltd is an innovative forerunner in providing cost effective advanced robotics and automation services. Only three years since its launch, Sastra has leaped huge bounds by collaborating with three other pioneering companies in the same market- Switzerland based Cyberbotics, Korea based Dongbu Robot and US based Corobot. It was deemed possible through the collective efforts of talented engineers, whose passion for robotics is exhibited through their vigorous target: to develop and market high end technologies for wider range applications. Their proficiency and competence paved their way to a smashing entry into the robotics industry.

  • Robots Alive

    Robots Alive is a robot technology startup based in Bangalore, India focused on the application of robotics / robot technology across various industries. Robots Alive designs and manufactures robotic systems which are custom built for specific applications. Their specialty is to make learning systems which can be smoothly operated without the need of any robotic expert