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  • Stellapps

    Stellapps is the first of its kind startup in India working towards the digitization of the dairy supply chain. Started in the year 2011, we are an IIT Madras incubated, Bangalore based, Internet of Things (IoT) startup with a primary focus on data acquisition and machine learning. Milk is the largest crop on this planet and there is a strong need for technology interventions, especially in the emerging markets where the yield per animal is low, traceability is inadequate and quality is not up to the mark. Digitization of the Agri-Dairy supply chain in the emerging markets is where we help unlock unprecedented value on a very large scale.


  • Zenatix

    Zenatix leverages its end-to-end IoT expertise to create ‘connected infrastructures’ for organizations having energy efficiency and digital transformation goals.

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  • Smartron

    Smartron was founded with a vision to build India's first global technology AIOT and EV brand focusing on INDIA and USA markets, offering highly personalized and intelligent experiences powered by tronX, its own AIOT platform and ecosystem.