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  • Adirya

    Offers dynamic solutions in varied fields such as workplace health, occupational safety, public health, On subjects ranging from Proactive Healthcare to Domestic safety

  • Euphonic Yoga

    Promotes a flamboyant physical and mental training regime in the fitness and wellness industry

  • HealthyBillions

    Gives access to a comprehensive range of health services across three broad categories; Emergency, Medical Assistance and Wellness, at wallet-friendly costs

  • HooFit

    A unique wellness platform that engages, motivates and helps retain top talent, while keeping them fit and agile, through gamified goals and challenges

  • Human Fractal

    Empowers customers with personalised recommendations and coaching on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to make an everlasting positive change in healt, performance and behaviour

  • Setu India

    A new age natural nutritional supplements brand to address challenges and solve problems that are a consequence of one's modern lifestyle

  • Streben Healthcare

    Provides comprehensive services for employee health checkups, personalized health consultations and health awareness creation covering mental health, physical health and prevention of lifestyle diseases