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  • Niramai

    Bengaluru-based Niramai Health Analytix was founded in 2016 by Geetha Manjunath and Nidhi Mathur. The health tech startup has developed Thermalytix that uses AI and a high-resolution thermal sensing device for the detection of breast cancer at an earlier stage than the usual traditional methods or self-examination. The software-based medical device is low-cost, automated and portable, making cancer screening possible in all clinics. The core technology is based on ML algorithms.


    Founded by Prashant Warier and Pooja Rao in 2016, Mumbai-based uses AI to make healthcare solutions affordable and accessible. It uses deep learning algorithms to interpret and radiology images and scans– chest X-rays, head CT scans, POQUS, chest CT scans, etc — within a couple of seconds. It also has community solutions for COVID-19, public health and tuberculosis.

  • HealthifyMe

    Founded in 2012, HealthifyMe is a Bengaluru-based digital health and wellness platform. Founders Tushar Vashisht, Sachin Shenoy and Mathew Cherian founded the company with the aim of introducing digital healthcare to Indians. It uses an AI-based virtual assistant, Ria, that keeps in touch with its users and solves their queries around fitness, nutrition, and health in 10 different languages. Additionally, the app provides dietary recommendations, uses AI to track calorie intake and provides suitable healthy recipes and tips.

  • Artelus

    Bengaluru-based Artelus was founded by Pradeep Walia, Rajarajeshwari K and Vish Durga in 2015. The health tech startup applies deep learning technology for diabetic retinopathy screening. AI-powered algorithms review the images for diagnosis. Artelus is operational across 502 locations (in India, US and Dubai) and has so far helped in the screening of more than 81,000 patients. The health tech startup has recently developed an AI-powered contactless diabetic retinopathy screening system that can conduct an eye examination in less than three minutes.

  • Tricog

    Bengaluru-based healthcare analytics company Tricog was founded in 2014 by Chirat Bhograj, Zainul Charbiwala, Udayan Dasgupta and Abhinav Gujjar. Its products include: • InstaECG: the flagship product is a cloud-connected device that helps interpret and analyse ECG reports within just 10 minutes. • InstaEcho: Another cardiac product that assists doctors in the quick and accurate echocardiogram diagnosis within a few hours of test. So far, Tricog has served in more than 12 countries, empowering 2,600-plus health workers, impacting more than three million patients and saving 90,000-plus lives. It was also awarded the NASSCOM Artificial Intelligence Game Changer Award in 2018.