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  • Dimension IGIS

    A GIS solution company, Dimension India GIS, is a global provider of services like GIS mapping and outsourcing. It endeavours to maximize the efficiency of business by using GIS solutions for decision making and planning, by integrating information from different sources. It can analyse geographically referred data to generate fresh information and can answer vital questions like pattern, condition, trends, modelling and location of any region. With GIS mapping, companies can share data, analyse it, incur visualization and combine spatial & non spatial data for analysis. It pools the data to accelerate the working procedure and increase the effectiveness to improve solutions and facilitate better decision making. Few of the many advantages of the GIS services offered by the company are visualization, decision making, planning assignments in detail and its ability to facilitate user with data sharing, hence creating a rich organizational information system.

  • Geo Climate Risk Solutions

    With an aim to make earth a better and safer place to live in, Geo Climate Risk Solutions (GCRS) was founded in the year 2014 and offers its solution in areas like geo spatial services, environment and spatial planning, disaster and climate risk reduction amongst many others. The company focuses on innovations and spatial platforms to address the issues in climate change, disaster risk reduction, integrated water resource management and other developments. It does so by conglomerating geographic information systems and information technology to provide innovation and cutting edge solutions.

  • Geoinfosys

    This geospatial service provider founded in 2007, offers cost-effective solutions and services in the area of geointelligence. It offers services in GIS, image processing, digital photogrammetry etc. The company undertakes projects ranging from GIS ready data creation, Satellite Image processing, Digital Photogrammetry, LiDAR Services, Geotechnical investigations and surveys using modern technologies like differential Global positioning systems (DGPS), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), electronic Total stations (ETS) etc. Of these geospatial services that forms the core, it offers support to geospatially redefine, monitor, maintain and measure growth aspects in a host of infrastructure domain such as agriculture, water resources conservation, civic administration, rural planning, facilitating healthcare to remote locations etc.

  • Geokno

    A spin off from IIT Kanpur and promoted by the faculty members and young researchers from Geo-Informatics Laboratory, Geokno has the industry experts who have experience in LiDAR Technology for more than a decade. The company claims to be the first and the only company in India to have scanner in all three categories i.e. Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial LiDAR. GeoknoMapper, a Mobile Mapping System is designed to collect engineering grade LiDAR data over large areas. It can collect 10 to 100 times more data points when compared with other LiDAR technologies. The company’s Web based Information System (WebGIS) functions by providing the locations of assets along with photographs and relevant attributes that is made available in the centralized platform at a click. The WebGIS solution is developed completely with open source platform and hence eliminates the need to learn the intricacies of Geospatial technology.

  • Geospoc

    A team with reach experience in the GIS industry, the company brings the GIS expertise to deliver services in GIS Data supply, mapping and visualization, image processing etc. It provides desktop GIS customization services to help customers get the most of their investment on GIS software. It also comes with an easy integration and implementation of enterprise GIS solutions. It also offers online data services wherein the user can access high quality GIS data without any investment in infrastructure. They provide standard basemaps, demographic data and industry specific layers.

  • Genesys

    A pioneer in providing advanced survey and mapping solutions to enterprises in telecom and infrastructure verticals, Genesys offers solutions for urban transportation, new city planning etc. It offers services in geospatial engineering, LiDAR engineering and software development. The geospatial engineering services encompasses GIS consulting, data conversion and migration and photogrammetry. Genesys’ TeleSCAPE solutions covers reliable ground surveying and mapping and offers powerful spatial processing functionality providing the experiential feel of reality on the desktop. The InfraSCAPE solution is modelled on mobile and terrestrial LiDAR systems and provides accurate terrain models and mapping information, critical to planning, design and maintenance. Market Analysis and Route Planning System (MARS), a web based decision support system requires organizations to analyse market statistics based on Census data. The application uses GIS as the information system to improve the systems

  • Intraspatial

    It is one of the earliest companies in the business of Data Conversion Outsourcing related to GIS. With a focus on photogrammetry mapping, 3D City Modeling and GIS application development & data conversions, they have over 125,000 man hours of combined experience in GIS & RS services and flaunts clients all across the globe. The company’s photogrammetry services include aerial triangulation, 3D map production, 3D city modelling, LiDar etc., while the GIS data conversion services comes with automated mapping and facility management which is subset of GIS associated with public utilities like gas, electric, water, telecommunications. Other inclusions are golf ourse mapping, parcel tax mapping and raster to vector conversion activities.

  • Marvel Geospatial

    It offers geospatial solutions with accurate data mapping and management services. Marvel brings horizontal and vertical integration of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, Photogrammetry, GIS Databases and Applications, GIS Web-services and Networking of GIS Databases. It offers services in photogrammetry, GIS, surveys and BIM in industries such as oil & gas, utilities, geoportals and smart cities. It is an independent GIS System Integrator with a focus on end to end offerings in geospatial information services. Their have offerings in GIS consultancy services, GIS System Development & Implementation, GIS Data Design & Modelling, web-based GIS for internal project management & for external customers and more.

  • Spageo

    It is one of the leading providers of GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS hardware offering services to India and abroad. They offer urban planning, geospatial services, data integration and management, geological services, data solutions etc. as a part of their solution. One of the reputed provider of GeoSpatial Technology solutions and services, they are focused on enterprise GIS solution in areas like spatial data infrastructure and utilities, transportation companies and government agencies, leveraging geospatial technology and data to improve the way they do business.

  • Vymo

    It offers personal assistant app for enterprise sales and service teams, predicting what a rep / manager should do next. It has helped some of the largest enterprises witness productivity uplift resulting in higher sales. Intelligence geo localytics by Vymo can optimize location, business data and calendar schedules in real time to help the customers make most of their hot leads in a personalized fashion. It updates route maps, schedule changes and hotspots while you are on the go. There are many other enhancements around geo-intelligence, that Vymo utilizes to capture sale activities.

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