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  • Elfrosun Technologies

    Envisions to convert every roof-top into a solar power house in itself which enables substantial savings in power bills for the consumers

  • MechatroniK Technologies

    A solar energy Solution provider, specializing in Solar PV projects execution for Industry, Commercial and Residential

  • PDO International

    Leverages in latest technology and trends to develop cost-effective and reliable green renewable energy solutions to Govt. and private projects

  • Powergreen Energy Solutions

    The vision of the company is to be a Supplier of Quality Products and Solutions in the fast-growing Rooftop Solar sector in India with great focus on timely and high quality installations

  • Raynhart Technologies And Systems

    Attend to the needs of the future by creating Alternative Energy Solutions, Water Treatment Technologies & Solutions and Urban Farming and Hydroponics

  • The Solar Labs

    Developing image recognition technology that would make the quote generation process easy and possible to do it on a mass scale with edge-determination technology, further enabling us to give personalized savings analysis of each house and expedite the process of making people use solar power

  • The Solarwale

    Developing, constructing and operating renewable energy projects in the field of solar across India