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  • Husk Power Systems

    Founders: Manoj Sinha, Ratnesh Yadav, Charles W. Ransler, Gyanesh Pandey Founded In: 2007 Rice husks create fuel by a biomass gasifier that makes electricity using a low-cost technology developed by Husk Power Systems based in Bihar, India. The firm uses proprietary technology that creates electricity using a biomass gasifier that converts the husks, a waste product of rice production, into fuel. Their ‘pay-per-use’ renewable energy service uses a mobile-enabled innovative metering system, and they provide a flexible service with 100% renewable energy. They offer a 24-hour on-site team and a maximum four-hour response time when issues arise. Their AC power meets the aspirational needs of households, small businesses, and factories at low costs.

  • ONergy

    Founders: Vinay Jaju, Ekta Kothari, Piyush Jaju Founded In: 2009 ONergy offers design, engineering and manufacturing services for solar energy generation schemes such as solar rooftop power plants, solar irrigation pumps, etc. By providing these services, it wants to reduce energy costs for customers. OPEC and bank financing are also offered to make solar energy affordable. The company not only provides affordable products but also high-quality ones. It develops an ecosystem for sustainable development and rural empowerment by maintaining a robust after-sales service network.

  • Greenway Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd.

    Greenway Grameen infra Pvt. Ltd. provides rural Indians with home energy appliances by designing, manufacturing, and distributing affordable and energy-efficient smoke-reducers. The company sells its products through Paytm. Reducing smoke, fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions reduces emissions by 70% and 65%, respectively. Eventually, it aims to be recognized as the preferred brand of choice globally.

  • GreenObin

    GreenObin is a cleantech startup that offers independent recycling and waste manage. In addition to becoming the premier scrap collection service, its mission is to establish an environmentally-conscious company that is profitable and well managed. Its ultimate goal is to create awareness among the community, recycle waste materials, and save the environment. The program is also working toward cultivating an awareness of environmental issues among its workers who use a large amount of paper.