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  • CSQ Global Solutions

    CSQ Global Solutions, founded in 2013, is a provider of technology-enabled solutions across the Cloud such as eLearning, PaaS, SaaS and also offers an array of services in Application Servers, Data Centers, Developing Environments, Analytics, Mobility, Digitalization, Testing also including the Test Environments and SOA based Business Services.

  • BackupGuru

    The Cloud Computing startup called Backupuru provides affordable and secure cloud solutions for businesses and new entrepreneurs.

  • BrowserStack

    BrowserStack is a cloud web and mobile testing platform that enables developers to test their websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real-time devices.

  • Infilect

    Infilect is a startup that specializes in deriving intelligence by parsing large-scale visual content using proprietary deep learning and artificial intelligence technology.

  • RightCloudz

    RightCloudz empowers and enables their cloud customers to make the right vendor choices when buying cloud-based assets and services.

  • CtrlS

    CtrlS, founded in 2007 is a provider of cost-effective best-in-breed IT Infrastructure Solutions and a host of outsourced business solutions like Private cloud-on-demand, cloud hosting Disaster Recovery on demand and Managed services.

  • Vaultize

    Vaultize which was founded in 2010 is a provider for enterprise file sync & share (EFSS), mobile collaboration, digital rights management (DRM), mobile content management (MCM), VPN-free secures anywhere access to corporate data repositories, data access control, data privacy, end-to-end encryption and continuous data protection.