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  • Big Data Virtualization:

    Big Data Virtualization is the process of creating virtual structures rather than actual for Big Data systems. It is very beneficial for big enterprises and organizations to use their data assets to achieve their goals and objectives. Virtualization tools are available to handle big data analytics.

  • Big Data Maturity Model:

    Big Data Maturity Models are used to measure the maturity of big data. These models help organizations to measure big data capabilities and also assist them to create a structure around that data. The main goal of these models is to guide organizations to set their development goals.

  • Big Data Analytics:

    It is the process of exploring large datasets for the sake of finding hidden patterns and underlying relations for valuable customer insights and other useful information. It finds its application in various areas like finance, customer services etc. It is a good choice for Ph.D. research in big data analytics.

  • Data Federation:

    Data Federation is the process of collecting data from different databases without copying and without transferring the original data. Rather than whole information, data federation collects metadata which is the description of the structure of original data and keep them in a single database.