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  • A study on Indian organized retail sector.:

    The Retail bazaar in India is booming beyond everyone’s expectation. The Indian Retail sector has caught the world’s imagination in the last few years. India’s retail growth was largely driven by increasing disposable incomes, favorable demographics, changing lifestyles, growth of the middle class segment and a high potential for penetration into urban and rural markets

  • Impact of retail Store design & layout on customer mind.:

    Design & layout is an important factor affecting consumer behavior and a critical determinant towards the creation of store image. Well designed layoutsare extremely important because they strongly influencein- store traffic patterns, shopping atmosphere, shopping behavior, and operational efficiency.

  • Effectiveness of promotional schemes in Retail stores.:

    The art of creating the association between the shoppers and therefore the makers through their merchandise and fostering the sale of the products or services and acceptance of their ideas is understood as promotions. The success of a company depends on sales promotion as a tool to increase sales, raising customer satisfaction rates and to build brand loyalty.

  • Study of retail store operations.:

    Aug 29, 2017 (updated Jul 19, 2021) Learn more About Smartsheet for Retail Management The field of retail store operations concerns all of the activities that keep a store functioning well each day. In the best-run stores, everything is carefully considered, planned, and executed.

  • Emerging retail formats and strategies.:

    Retailers are innovating how they communicate with their customers in order to stay competitive in today's high-tech consumer market. Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to choices of where to shop.