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  • Drilling and Completions :

    Drilling, well completions, and rock mechanics research includes: well bore stability in highly deviated wells; high-temperature/high-pressure properties of drilling fluids; fracture gradient and pore pressure quantifications; MWD, LWD, and PWD technologies; wave propagation and mechanical behavior in weak, loosely cemented, granular materials; and more.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery:

    Enhanced oil recovery research includes topics such as how to improve oil recovery from all types of geological formations by any of a number of methods such as chemical (polymer, surfactant, nanoparticles, polymer gels), low salinity, microbial, miscible gas and thermal EOR as well as a variety of novel and hybrid methods such as combining gas and chemicals (low tension gas/foam flooding) and steam with solvents

  • Geologic Carbon Storage:

    CO2 storage research investigates methods for CO2 sequestration, including storage in deep saline aquifers and utilization as part of a CO2-EOR program. Research programs on CO2 storage currently include a research center, CFSES that are funded by Basic Energy Sciences at the Department of Energy.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Geomechanics:

    Hydraulic fracturing produces fractures in the rock formation that stimulate the flow of natural gas or oil, increasing the volumes that can be recovered. Wells may be drilled vertically hundreds to thousands of feet below the land surface and may include horizontal or directional sections extending thousands of feet. Research is currently being conducted in these main areas: gas condensate reservoirs, tight gas sands, and naturally fractured reservoirs.

  • Formation Evaluation:

    Formation evaluation research understands and characterizes the physical properties of reservoir rocks and distribution of fluids and pores within them. We investigate these properties through a variety of computational, laboratory, and downhole techniques that combine fundamental physics and chemistry with petrophysical principles and measurement technology.