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  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS):

    Intelligent manufacturing research focuses on intelligent manufacturing systems, bio-inspired intelligent systems, modelling and design of distributed artificial intelligence for manufacturing shop floor, networks and supply chain management and optimisation, and holonic manufacturing systems.

  • Robotics and Automation (RA):

    Research in robotics and automation includes design and control of hybrid and parallel manipulators; robotic rehabilitation; robotics for hazardous environments; computer vision and visual servoing; micro-manipulation for bio-medical applications, tele-presence and human-robot interaction; and medical device micro implants.

  • Bio-Inspired Computational Intelligence (BICI):

    Biological systems and animal societies possess remarkable problem-solving capabilities. We take inspiration from nature to solve a wide range of engineering problems such as motor control, control systems optimisation, mechanical design, manufacturing cell formation, machine job scheduling, robotic team coordination, machine vision, etc.