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  • Developing cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM): a survey:

    In todays highly competitive business environment, modern enterprises are dealing difficulties to cut unnecessary costs, eliminate wastes and delivery huge benefits for the organization. Companies are increasingly turning to a more flexible IT environment to help them realize this goal

  • BPM-in-the-Large - Towards a higher level of abstraction in Business Process Management:

    International audience; Business Process Management (BPM) has gained tremendous importance in recent years and BPM technologies and techniques are widely applied in practice

  • Managing performance through business processes from BPM to the practice of process management:

    Centred on the performance of the company, this book is a practical guide that organises Business Process Management (BPM) around these major subjects, such as process management, process governance, or the setting up a successful process approach in the company.

  • Computational science:

    Computational science is a discipline concerned with the design, implementation and use of mathematical models to analyse and solve scientific problems. Typically, the term refers to the use of computers to perform simulations or numerical analysis of a scientific system or process.