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  • Stress Management:

    Stress is a person’s response to an experience resulting from an environmental challenge, which negatively affects a person's mental and physical well-being.

  • Weight Management:

    Weight management is the long term management of one’s weight by embracing healthy eating habits and regular exercise. It does not include quick and temporary weight loss from fad diets.

  • Disease Management:

    Disease management refers to the process and people concerned with improving or maintaining health in large populations. It is a system of coordinated healthcare intervention, services, and managed care.

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use:

    Substance abuse describes a situation where the substance (or drug) is consumed in amounts that are harmful to the user, or when the method used is detrimental. Alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse all fall under this term.

  • Determinants of Health:

    Whether individuals or communities are healthy or not is determined by many factors, including circumstances and environment. Factors such as where one lives, the state of the environment, genetics, income and education levels, and relationships with friends and family all significantly impact health.