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  • Build a Multi-Page Responsive Website:

    A responsive website is one that can work on a variety of devices and screen sizes, on both mobile and desktop browsers.

  • Redesign an Existing Website Template:

    Building a website from start to finish may seem daunting at first. As you’re getting started, you may consider using a website template with predefined design elements, which will allow you to apply a responsive design to an existing template, without the need to create your own from the ground up.

  • Design a Small JavaScript Game:

    Designing a small JavaScript game is a good test for any new developer — this is your chance to showcase what you can do with your skill set. When designing a game from scratch, there is no existing framework to build from, so you learn an incredible amount in the process, helping to make you a better developer as you work through the challenges.

  • Create a Simple Application:

    Creating an application is a great way to practice your coding skills. It can be hard to come up with new application ideas, but your first application doesn’t have to be complicated — it can be something as simple as a calculator or to-do list.

  • Random Number Generator:

    Coding a random number generator with Python is another great programming project idea. The goal of the application is to randomly generate a number at the user’s request.