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  • Acoustics:

    The acoustics group studies the generation, propagation, and reception of sound waves, as well as transducers and related signal processing, in a wide range of scenarios: sound for the communication between humans; the influence of sound on humans and animals; and technical uses such as remote sensing and underwater communication networks.

  • Circuit and Radio Systems:

    The Circuit and Radio Systems group performs research on design, modeling, verification, and testing of individual electronic circuits and larger systems. These can be used, e.g., for radio communication, for embedded control of automotive and household equipment, for health and well-being, and for microprocessors and general computing systems.

  • Nanoelectronics and Photonics:

    Focus is on developing novel materials and techniques with improved functionality and reduced energy consumption. The research group develops nanoscale materials with tuneable properties, photonic sensors, and optical characterization techniques for biomedical and information technology applications. The group performs research on oxide electronics, semiconductor nanowires, periodic structures, photonic (bio)sensors, biomedical optics, and terahertz spectroscopy.

  • Signal Processing:

    Signal processing, statistical signal theory, information and communication theory are the main academic topics that unite the activities within the group.

  • Smart Wireless Systems (SWS):

    The Smart Wireless Systems (SWS) is an established research group in the Department of Electronics (IES) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Campus Gjøvik. The group researches into the applied wireless communications systems and their components in general. This is also a field of great relevance for a more efficient organization and management of modern industrial processes.