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  • Research computing, data, analytics & reporting:

    The Research Analytics, Systems and Support (RASS) team in the Research Services Office is responsible for providing centralised coordination and support for the advanced research computing needs of UOW staff, in collaboration with Information Management and Technology Services (IMTS) and the University Library.

  • Data Science Research Initiative:

    Data science, a relatively new emerging multi-disciplinary area concerned with the collection, preparation, analysis, visu-alization, management and preservation of large collections of information aiming at generating value from the data itself. The term data science (originally used interchangeably with datalogy) was initially used as a substitute for computer sceince by Peter Naur in 1960. In industry data science is often considered as the New Kid on the Block [5] even though some of the data-intensive science such as bioinformatics, the high-energy Physics have been using some sort of data science more than a decade. The Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) defined data science as the methods and technologies used to conduct scientific research through management and utilization of scientific data. Scientific data are more structured, becomes easier to extract knowledge, make analysis easier, more precise or more accurate. There are many research area such as medical, astrophysics, etc totally based on data science.