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  • Navigating the Challenges Arising from University-School Collaborative Action Research:

    Despite increasing evidence showing the benefits language teachers can reap from university-school collaborative action research (CAR), scant attention has been given to how university researchers collaborate with language teachers, what challenges they might encounter, and how they navigate such challenges in CAR.

  • Collaborative action research: implementation of cooperative learning.:

    This collaborative study uses classroom action research to describe, analyze, and address problems encountered in implementing cooperative learning in two undergraduate nursing courses.

  • A Collaborative Action Research Approach to Professional Learning:

    The field of professional development is moving towards the notion of professional learning, highlighting the active learning role that teachers play in changing their knowledge bases, beliefs and practice.

  • A Case Study Examining Change in Teacher Beliefs Through Collaborative Action Research:

    The main goal of this study was to explore the role of collaborative action research in eliciting change in teacher beliefs. The beliefs were those of five chemistry teachers in implementing a new teaching approach, geared to enhancing students' scientific and technological literacy (STL).

  • Science Teachers Taking their First Steps toward Teaching Socioscientific Issues through Collaborative Action Research:

    This study presents two science teachers, Catherine and Jennifer, who took their first steps toward teaching socioscientific issues through collaborative action research. The teachers participated in the collaborative action research project because they wanted to address socioscientific issues but had limited experience in teaching them.