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  • Barclays Bank's Decision-Making & Risk Management. ...:

    The decision-making process in multinational financial structures is complex and multifaceted, including a number of steps and operations. The questions about what stages the decision-making process should include are rather controversial and solved differently according to the specific style of governance and the scope of the organization.

  • Credit Quality in Banking Lending and Investment:

    Credit quality is one of the key criteria used to judge the investment quality of a mutual fund or bond fund. As the term implies, credit quality tells investors about the creditworthiness or default risk of a bond or bond portfolio. The credit quality of a company or security might also be known as its "bond rating."

  • Co-operative Banking Group's Enterprise Software:

    ultinational companies have experience a lot of challenges in managing most of their operations as a result of their great expansions. It has been observed that most companies have complained of experiencing challenges in accounting, inventory, marketing and sales, distribution, logistics as well as in communication with customers, dealers and suppliers.

  • The Rise of Islamic Banking in a Time of Economic Crisis.:

    may seem odd that Islamic banking is in such demand but when looked at from a cultural and religious perspective, it embodies the very essence of Islamic law. To put it simply, what makes Islamic banking different from conventional banking is that it is based on the principles of Islamic law, which forbids the receipt of interest or riba.

  • State Bank's and Real Estate Bank's Collapse.:

    the collapse of state banks is the problematic situation which is often associated with significant economic and political problems in the country. Nevertheless, it is impossible to state that this situation is characteristic only for the modern development of business and economics.