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GoI Initiatives

  • Frequent Challenges in the Telecom Sector:

    Poor infrastructure is a major bottleneck faced by the telecom sector. Most of India’s fiber network, which is underground, poses immense challenges such as frequent fiber cuts due to continuous road expansions, utility construction and maintenance.

  • Power Utilities – A game changer in the Telecom Industry:

    A convergence of power utilities and telecom companies is an apt choice to build a digital future for India. The usage of power utility networks by telecom and other communication service providers will achieve a dual aim: one, of increased and reliable connectivity across the country, and two, of reducing their financial burden by mitigating investment on infrastructure.

  • Digital India and its impact on the economy:

    A great network of utilities and internet access can do wonders as we have seen in the case of many developed and developing countries. In India, villages will enjoy a broadband network through which they can avail not only government schemes, but also a huge expanse of knowledge that will boost their livelihood.