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GoI Initiatives

  • Government initiatives to promote tourism so far:

    Infrastructure development has been a key focus area for the GoI over the past several years. The GoI’s increasing investments in strengthening of the country’s road and rail networks and promoting port development is a significant driver for the growth of the T&T sector. The Adarsh Station Scheme is helping modernize railway stations, while the Regional Connectivity Scheme - UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik), is helping make air travel more economical and widespread to hitherto unserved routes.

  • Government initiatives needed in the near-term:

    The significant growth in India’s T&T sector over the previous few years is a testament of the sector’s potential as well as the effectiveness of the government policies. It is encouraging to see the initiatives by the GoI but it needs to continue the reforms agenda by tackling issues related to land acquisition, funding, approvals and licenses process etc.