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GoI Initiatives

  • Instrumentation Development Programme:

    Instrumentation is one of the major areas of Science & Technology which makes a great impact on vital sectors of national activities such as education, scientific research, industry, agriculture, medicine and health etc. The Department of Science & Technology (DST) has been promoting the area of Instrumentation through its Instrumentation Development Programme (IDP).

  • Objectives:

    The programme focuses on strengthening indigenous capability for research, design, development and production of instruments in the country leading to fulfillment of the following objectives: -: Indigenous development and production of instruments,Continuous updating of the technology of instruments to keep pace with technology improvements taking place globally, andInnovations in the area of instrumentation.

  • Activities supported under IDP:

    Programmes to support and sustain development and production of indigenous and affordable instruments are evolved and supported under the IDP. The following types of activities are evolved and supported under IDP: Project support to scientists and technologistsThe Instrument/technology development programmes are supported with mandatory industry participation so as to facilitate easy absorption of technology and commercial production of the developed instrument/technology.

  • Creation of National Facilities:

    Instrumentation hub is a theme based establishment for development of commercial models of laboratory prototypes developed in the laboratory as per industry/user specifications. It is proposed to be Industry friendly and will keep sustained interaction with relevant industries. Instrumentation Hub will house sophisticated facilities for prototype development, translational facility and a platform for technology incubation. It will also provide facility for batch production of laboratory prototypes for market validation. Facilities will be available on sharing basis to all the participating institutes/industries.