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GoI Initiatives

  • Wind:

    The grid based renewable energy industry in India has seen four main technologies in action – Wind, Small Hydro, biomass and bagasse based co-generation. Out of all three, Wind has been the dominant source. The wind power industry in India has grown rapidly over the last decade on account of number of factors. The root cause of the development can be traced to few key factors – massive and sustained gaps between the electricity demand and supply, relatively lower cost due to technology-maturity and rapid development of domestic manufacturing industry. The development was further aided by conducive policyenvironment.

  • Solar:

    At this juncture solar power has been given a significant priority by the Govt. of India. India sees solar as an area where it can seek ‘Technology & Finance’ from the more developed nations in lieu of climate related commitments. The GOI has approved a new policy on development of solar energy in the country by launching the “Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission”. This is certainly a historic and transformational initiative. The mission is one of the eight key National Missions which comprise India’s National Action Plan on climate change. It has twin objectives – to contribute to India’s long term energy security as well as its ecological security.

  • Effect on Grid:

    No contribution to short circuit level of grid. - Do not cause problems of voltage regulations. - Do not affect Network Stability or Power Swings. - Do not cause distress to voltage profile of system (The Wind Turbine trips at 80% grid voltage) - When connected/disconnected – no over/under frequency to the grid – No transients in the system due to large size of grids.