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GoI Initiatives

  • Nanotechnology Initiative Division:

    Nanotechnology is the development and use of techniques to study physical phenomena and develop new devices and material structures in the physical size range of 1-100 nanometres (nm), where 1 nanometre is equal to one billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology impacts all areas of our lives. These include materials and manufacturing, electronics, computers, telecommunication and information technologies, medicine and health, the environment and energy storage, chemical and biological technologies and agriculture.

  • Mission on Nano Science and Technology (Nano Mission):

    Building upon the promotional activities carried out as part of the Nano Science and Technology Initiative (NSTI) in the highly promising and competitive area of Nano Science and Technology, the Government of India launched a Mission on Nano Science and Technology (Nano Mission) in May 2007. Recognizing the success of Nano Mission, the Union Cabinet accorded approval for continuation of the Nano Mission in its Phase-II during the 12th Plan period with an allocation of Rs. 650 crore. The Department of Science and Technology is the nodal agency for implementing the Nano Mission.

  • Nanotechnology Initiatives by Department of Information Technology, Government of India:

    India recognized the importance and value of the nanotechnology for its national development and initiated concentrated nanotechnology programs. The two major initiatives in India are by Department of Science and Technology and Department of Information Technology, and also there are initiatives by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and Department of Biotechnology. This paper explains the initiatives taken by Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India.