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GoI Initiatives

  • Smart Cities:

    One of the most talked about initiatives by the Indian government, IoT will play a pivotal role in the Smart City project. The government has dedicated an investment of INR 7,060 crores crore on smart cities. The idea of a smart city is an urban centre where information technology is the key driving factor with many technological platforms such as automated sensor networks, data centres and many other.

  • Tech Giants back Digital India Vision:

    One of the highlights of the Digital India campaign is the high level of interest evinced by tech giants to partner with Indian Government in the campaign. And the latest company to jump on the bandwagon is Juniper Networks with an astounding INR 6,700 crore investment for digital India drive.

  • Policy on Internet of Things (IoT):

    In a first for the Indian government, 2015 saw the roll-out of a draft policy on IoT that laid down the framework. Reports indicate India would share 5-6% of global IoT industry.