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GoI Initiatives

  • DevSecOps:

    According to research by the University of Surrey, cyber-attacks in India have doubled in the past three years, with enterprises being the most common target. Thus, security is the top concern for IT executives and software engineering teams

  • Enterprise Low-Code for Pro:

    A strong trend over the years has been the broad adoption of low-code platforms, where a leading vendor already addresses challenging enterprise use cases. Low-code doesn’t mean that developers will be replaced by business users.

  • Hybrid Integrations:

    Over the years, the shadow of ‘Shadow IT’ has become bigger in size. 56% of SaaS apps are shadow IT, or owned and managed outside of IT, according to the State of SaaS Sprawl 2021 Report. These apps have to integrate with all the existing software packages and systems of records that they already have to run the core of their business. To help in achieving smooth integration, agile businesses are using rapid app changes with low-code application development platforms. We are now at a stage where there is a greater need for organizations to connect their data management, governance, and auditability across multiple data sources, in real-time. This demands more tools in hybrid integrations. The right low-code application development platforms or dedicated tools will allow data integrations from different SaaS and legacy systems, which is key to supporting business leaders to make data-driven decisions.