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GoI Initiatives

  • Renewable Energy Integration Reforms:

    Discoms need to prepare to accommodate an increasing amount of renewable energy (RE), from generators as well as prosumers.iii In order to increase the firmnessiv of RE power, reduce power procurement costs, and handle a variety of power sources, discoms may need to deploy large-scale energy storage. Storage can be provided by battery systems or pumped hydro-storage systems

  • Solar Guidelines:

    An initiative under the Indo German Energy Programme (IGEP), SOLAR GUIDELINES is a web-based platform for encouraging rapid development of the solar power sector in India by facilitating dissemination of information and latest updates on the development of solar energy projects, policy frameworks announced by Central and state governments from time to time, regulatory framework announced by CERC, Regulations of the MoEF, Contractual Agreements (PPA/PSA), and procedural details of approval and clearances required for timely commissioning of solar projects in the country.