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GoI Initiatives


    One of the key goals of the Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme is to encourage working professionals and non-PhD faculty members to pursue PhD in the ESDM & IT/ITES sectors as part-time candidates. It is envisioned that having part-time PhD students is likely to encourage the Industry-Academia interaction, help in the alignment of the R&D efforts between them and bring value to the country.

  • Exploratory research:

    1) Design, development and testing of 3-phase Permanent Magnet Machines and their Converters being implemented by BESU, Howrah. 2) Development of DC-DC converter and bi-directional converter for SPV application being implemented by NIT, Trichy. 3) Modelling Design and fabrication of Induction Motor for Propulsion Applications being implemented by IIT, Patna. 4) Study of Dynamic and Static behaviour of SiC devices and development of converter topology being implemented by CDAC(T), IIT(M) & IISc, Bangalore. 5) GaN devices for Power Electronic switching applications and Design & Development of High Frequency GaN converter topology being implemented by CDAC(T) and IISc.

  • Infrastructure Development:

    1) Infrastructure Resources at Nodal Centre have been implemented by CDAC (T) in the form of · Green Power Laboratory. · Technology Transfer Centre. 2) A National Simulation Centre for Power Electronics and Power Systems has also been created at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

  • Deployment Activities:

    1) Implementation and demonstration of micro-grid for village application by CDAC(T). 2) Deployment of Grid connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant of 330 kW by CDAC(T). 3) Compact Energy Efficient SiC based three phase converter for PE systems by CDAC(T) and IIT-Madras. 4) DSTATCOM for Distribution Power Quality Centers by CDAC(T). 5) Investigations on Electrical Technology requirements for Indian Metro Rail Systems by CDAC(T).