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GoI Initiatives

  • Data Analytics Centre To Fight COVID-19 Pandemic:

    In April, the Govt. Of Tamil Nadu has partnered with HCL to set up a Data Analytics Centre to strengthen the state’s disaster management efforts. With this partnership, the government aimed to set up a Disaster Management – Data Analytics Center to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the news, this data trend will be displayed live to help the government make future decisions and decide the degree of response needed for each district.

  • Unlocking the Value of Data Through Robust Digital Platform:

    As India moves ahead on its Digital India and Smart Cities mission, it is likely to face the key challenge of pooling the voluminous data being collected from millions of IoT devices & smartphones and gleaning actionable insights from the same. Many State Governments are looking towards a powerful data analytics platform that can be used by all the Government departments to collate data, get real-time insights, and introduce policies that bridge the socio-economic disparities.

  • Strengthening Digital India, e-Governance for Citizen Empowerment:

    Recognising the value of data as a national resource, the Government of India is harnessing the same to build analytical frameworks and expand its e-Governance initiatives across the length and breadth of the country.

  • Storage, retrieval and search:

    1. Data warehouses and cloud architectures 2. Large-scale databases 3. Information and knowledge retrieval and semantic search 4. Web/social/databases query and search 5. Personalized search and recommendation 6. Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and interfaces 7. Crowdsourcing and collective intelligence