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GoI Initiatives

  • Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling:

    The responsible disposal of C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste material is key to implementing effective sustainable processes. India has often overlooked this by simply dumping construction waste in large landfills or illegally in water-bodies.

  • The Government’s Green Initiatives:

    The Indian government has made considerable strides on its path to sustainability. Agencies like GRIHA – Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (2007), adopted as the national green building rating system, and the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC, 2001), were brought about to support energy efficiency and conservation in construction.

  • The Future with Alternative Materials & Methods:

    New, innovative materials are launched every day. Some are recycled like sand, aggregate and RMC from recovered materials, while others are new concepts in construction altogether. They include Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum Panels and Monolithic Concrete Construction using Aluminum Formwork, which are more efficient and eco-friendly methods, using less cement, steel and water

  • FDI:

    In a move to attract more foreign investments in the infrastructure sector, the Government has relaxed several FDI regulations to allow 100% FDI investment in select construction development projects