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GoI Initiatives

  • Growth Drivers for the Chemical Sector:

    A large population, huge domestic market dependence on agriculture and strong export demand are the key growth drivers for the industry. A global shift towards Asia as the World’s chemicals manufacturing hub.. Per capita consumption of chemicals in India is lower as compared to western countries, so immense scope for new investments. Rise in GDP and purchasing power generates huge growth potential for the domestic market. A focus on new segments such as specialty and knowledge chemicals. Skilled science professionals. World-class engineering and strong R&D capabilities.

  • Research & Development (R&D):

    The Chemical sector is highly heterogeneous encompassing many segments like organic, in-organics, dyestuffs, pesticides, paints, soaps and petrochemicals etc. Research and Development is critical and of paramount importance for the growth and development of this sector. Continued R&D efforts in the part of the industry helps to improve their quality standards, obtain higher yields resulting in reduction in cost of production and to earn competitive edge in the International Market.

  • The Dyestuff Industry:

    The Dyestuff sector is one of the important segments of the chemicals industry in lndia, having forward and backward linkages with a variety of sectors like textiles, leather, paper, plastics, printing inks and foodstuffs.

  • De-licensed and deregulated industry:

    ln Chemical sector, 100% FDI is permissible under the automatic route through RBI. Manufacture of most chemical products inter-alia covering organic / inorganic' dyestuffs & Pesticides is de-licensed. The entrepreneurs need to submit only Industries Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM) with the Department of industrial Policy & Promotion provided location of the project falls outside standard urban area limits of metropolitan cities and municipal cities.