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GoI Initiatives

  • Background:

    Initiated in January, 2009 the initiative aims to develop national research competence to drive down the cost of clean energy through pre-competitive translational research, oriented research led disruptive innovations & human and institutional capacity development.

  • Scope:

    The scope of initiative includes support for solar oriented fundamental research for solar devices, sub-systems and systems. The initiative supports feasibility assessment of fresh ideas/ concepts,including various emerging and disruptive technologies, for their potential conversion into useful technology/ product.

  • Aims and Objectives:

    CERI has been envisaged to - Support upstream end of research, where knowledge, more advanced than the current practice in the industry must have a space. Develop India centric innovations developed around user needs and forge collaboration between industry and academics as much as possible and gain value for such collaborations. To develop critical mass of researchers to meet requirement of R&D professionals for clean energy.

  • Clean Energy Research Initiative (CERI) Proposals will be entertained only against specific call which will be issued from time to time.:

    Clean energy research initiative prefers to support interdisciplinary multi-institutional networked research projects, synergizing strengths’ of respective partners to deliver efficient devices/systems meeting global benchmarks. The outcome of the scientific development should be scalable and lead to technology readiness in area of clean energy. The deliverables of the projects should have the potentials to change business as usual scenarios.