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GoI Initiatives

  • R&D in Cyber Security:

    Cyber Security R&D is one of major initiatives identified for securing Cyber space with focus on promotion of R&D, demonstration, proof of concept and establishment of test beds for enhancing indigenous skills and capabilities in the cyber security. Research and development are carried out in the thrust areas of cyber security including (a) Cryptography and cryptanalysis, (b) Network & System Security, (c) Monitoring & Forensics and (d) Vulnerability Remediation & Assurance through sponsored projects at recognized R&D organizations. Government is closely working with Academia, Industry, National R&D labs and pursuing R& D solutions suitable to meet the security challenges faced in various critical information infrastructure and Law Enforcement Agencies. The projects under cyber-security R&D programme has enabled to develop a cyber-security ecosystem for promotion and proliferation of indigenous cyber security solutions in India involving stakeholders from R&D organizations and User agencies

  • Thematic Areas of Research:

    Cryptography and cryptanalysis including the Post Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Cryptanalysis including (i) quantum key distribution (QKD) and (ii) quantum random number generators (QRNG) Critical Infrastructure Security Embedded System Security Zero Trust Architecture and Trusted Supply Chain IoT and Connected Devices Security 5G Wireless Security, Cloud , Edge and Fog Computing Security AI in Information Security including Threat Intelligence Digital Forensics and Monitoring tools Vulnerability prioritization, Remediation & Assurance Capacity Building and Awareness Creation India needs to build a robust research base for technology and product development, testing, evaluation and certification framework and standardization to enhance cyber security posture of the country in a well-rounded fashion

  • Cyber warfare offensives:

    The United States is just one of many countries that have invested significant amounts of money in developing not just defences against attack, but the ability to mount damaging cyber warfare offensives. The countries which are believed to have the most developed cyber warfare capabilities are the United States, China, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom.

  • Recent Cyber Attacks:

    There has been a steep rise in the use of resources like malware by a Chinese group called Red Echo to target “a large swathe” of India’s power sector. Red Echo used malware called ShadowPad, which involves the use of a backdoor to access servers. Chinese hacker group known as Stone Panda had “identified gaps and vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and supply chain software of Bharat Biotech and the Serum Institute of India. SolarWinds hack, impacted national critical infrastructure in the USA.